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TCR Games

We are a pretty easy going lot. We do have a few common etiquette things you need to watch out for. These are generally listed in the venue with which they pertain (such as voice chat and table ettiquette).


  • Q: How long have you guys been doing this?
    • A: A little over 30 years.
  • Q: Can other people run games in your group?
    • A: Yes, but you need to game with us for a while first. You'll also need to ask first.
  • Q: Do you play game x?
    • A: Most likely yes. One of the things we look for in gamers is the fondness to explore games and rules systems, to be flexible and willing to learn and play games.
  • Q: Can I just hang out with you guys?
    • A: Yes of course, we often just hang out on Discord and chat about the day, kids, games and other topics of interest.
  • Q: Do I have to be active to stay in the group?
    • A: Yes and no. While we would like for everyone to be active within the group, we understand real life can get in the way. We have people that game feverishly for a while and then drift off for a while. They come back a bit later and game again. Like any social live game table or group of friends you have to be a little flexible. However, if you -never- join a game or take part in anyway, we will drop you from the group.


BBS History


TCR Games started a long time ago, long before there was a public internet. In those days people ran BBS systems and were akin to ham radio operators. You used a telephone modem to dial into a BBS system. Back then we were called The Dungeon Vortex. We ran a BBS system called Maximus and were members of a network system called Fidonet.

BBS's were labors of love and took a good deal of work to keep running. The benifits were good though. The term Sysop comes from the days of BBS systems. A Sysop 'System Operator' was lord and king of his domain, an almost god like figure in the computer world at the time. Many movies have touched on this, WarGames did a good job. Johnny Mnemonic, and Hackers are others.

Internet History


We joined the internet once BBS systems started to be less common. We originally used the web to run Play By Email and Play By Post games. Eventually we started using voip software along with virtual tabletop software in order to run games.

Charybdis & Krilion

Charybdis & Krilion

A good friend of mine invited me to a Shadowrun game one day saying "Dude, the GM is a chick and she is awesome.". I'd never played anything other than D&D but being an adventurous soul I went to the game. Charybdis and I hit it off, we dated a few years, got married, had a two daughters (who are also awesome gamers). It's been over 25 years now and we all still love gaming.


Charybdis is a school teacher (English), loves gaming and enjoys spending time with her daughters and good books.


Krilion is a Community Manager (Mesa Mundi/D20PRO), code cowboy and computer hobbyist. He enjoys gaming with his friends and learning new things (History/Science).