Race, Nanite Lifeform

Nanite Lifeform

Nanite Lifeform

The nanite lifeform is a mass of nanites resembling liquid mercury. It contains a molecular network of subprocessors that interpret the central processor's instructions to form a nearly end­less variety of shapes. The nanite solution can emulate radically different densities within the same form, meaning that the lifeform can feel like flesh on the outside. but be as solid as stone on the inside. Being able to assume different forms does not allow the robot to duplicate appearances or abilities: a nanite lifeform cannot change its color any more than it can breathe fire.

Nanite Lifeform Names

Nanite Lifeform Names follow conventional alpha numeric numbering sequences.

Name Examples: O4-Tj2282, 1282b-5, OPZx-848-1168683

Nanite Lifeform Traits

  • Hit Die and Unarmed Damage: Due to construction and technology considerations, your class Hit Die is stepped up or down based on your size with the following scale (1d3 > 1d4 > 1d6 > 1d8 > 1d10 > 1d12 > 2d6 > 2d8 > 2d10).
    • Small. Hit Die Down by 1 step, Unarmed Damage equals Strength modifier - 1
    • Medium. Unchanged
    • Large. Hit Die Up by 1 step, Unarmed Damage equals Strength modifier + 2
  • Ability Score Modifiers: Your Intelligence score increases by 2. Pick one Ability Score to increase by 1.
  • Age. Fully mature after construction, and their lifespan is unknown.
  • Alignment. Nanite lifeforms tend toward Lawful alignment as their inate strict logic dictates. As these lifeforms have no sense of good & evil, they tend towards Neutrality.
  • Size. Due to vat production and the desire to emulate nature, size is a random factor. To determine your size roll 1d4 (1: Small, 2-3: Medium, 4: Large).
    • Small. Your Dexterity score increases by 1, and you reduce all movement speeds below by 5 feet. Requires Battery Cells Medium (M).
    • Medium. Requires Battery Cells Medium (M).
    • Large. Your Strength score increases by 1, Dexterity score Decreases by 1, and you gain Reach 10 feet. Requires Battery Cells High (H).
  • Weight. Nanite lifforms significantly denser than organic lifeforms.
    • Small: 55lb. + (2d4 x 1d4)lb.
    • Medium: 165lb. + (2dl0 x 2d4)lb.
    • Large: 210lb. + (2dl0 x 2d6)lb.
  • Speed. Your base speed is 30.
  • Nanite Circuitry. The nanites that suffuse your form can easily be damaged by solar flares, and magical energies. You have vulnerability to Radiant and Force damage.
  • Sensor System. Your perception systems includes lowlight capability and three-dimensional imaging, a basic audio receiver, and a crude chemical sniffer. Your senses are roughly equivalent to that of a human’s.
  • Complex Nanite Net. Your Complex Nanite Net consists of completely artificial nanite processor modeled on humanoid neural processing. Your complex nanite net can be affected by mind-altering effects that can affect humanoids, including psychic damage.
  • Type. Your type is Construct. You only breathe for purposes of heat dissipation. You do not require food or water. While you do not sleep as a humanoid does, you do require a rejuvenation period of 8 hours within every 24 hour period in order to recharge your Battery Cells.
  • Artificial Body. You are immune to disease, the poisoned condition, and poison damage.
  • Nanite Resurrection. In the event of your death, your Complex Nanite Net can be recovered, by collecting at least 8Oz of your nanite material and returned to a nanite growth vat. This must be done within 24 hours or the Complex Nanite Net will degrade to the point of uselessness.
  • Languages. Standard language programs to speak, read and write Machine Language, English and any one language of your choice.

Nanite Self Repair

By expending one or more Recovery Dice during a Short or Long Rest, you make an Intelligence (Engineering) test with double Proficiency. The number of hit points recovered is equal to the result of your skill check - 10 (minimum 1). The repair cost in widgets for each Recovery Dice spent equals the number of hit points recovered x 5.

Sinking Feeling

Nanite lifforms significantly denser than organic lifeforms. Becouse of this they suffer Disadvantage on Strength (Athletics) tests made to swim or jump. Coversely they have Advatge on Strength (Athletic) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check to avoid being Shoved.

Nanite Defense

Your form is comprised of millions of nanites in a liquid like solution which can can become more or less dense.

Reactive Density: When not Suprised, as a Reaction you loosen the bond that holds your nanite structure together. This allows physical attacks to pass through your physical body without doing damage. You choose to use this reaction after you know you've been hit but before damage is rolled.

Natural Armor: (Choose one)

  • Your natural armor bonus to Defense is 13 + Dexterity Modifier (Max: 2).
  • Your natural armor bonus to Defense is 14 + Dexterity Modifier (Max: 2) and Disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks

Amorphous Form

Because a nanite lifeform can alter its shape and density, it gains a Advantage Dexterity (Acrobatics) or Strength (Athletics) checks to escape tests.

As an action the nanite lifeform can change it's shape as per the Alter Self spell. In additon to the other options listed in Alter Self you may choose Projectile Weapon detailed below.

Projectile Weapon.

A nanite lifeform may sacrifice part of its own nanite structure to form/create projectile weapons. By reducing your Maximum Hit Point total, you create a projectile weapon with the specifications detailed below.

Weapon HP Loss Reload Damage
1d4 4 Hit Points 4 Rounds 1d4 Piercing
1d6 6 Hit Points 6 Rounds 1d6 Piercing
1d8 8 Hit Points 8 Rounds 1d8 Piercing
1d10 10 Hit Points 10 Rounds 1d10 Piercing