Altered Carbon

EotW Revolt of the Machines


Altered Carbon

Immortality is only a download away...

Edger Winehouse, an eccentric Methuselah of a modest 323 years, is known to be a recluse and a collector. You're part of his collection. You're not sure of his intentions, motivations or expectations. You've been de-iced, and he holds your sleeve contract. Mr Winehouse has not been seen in person in more than fifty years. He prefers to interact with the world through his 'Girl Friday,' Ms Brenda Reed who serves Mr Winehouse as personal assistant, lawyer and confidant. After de-Icing, you were brought to a lower level of Mr Winehouses' spire where your accommodations were made. Ms Reed informed you that you are welcome to take full advantage of the accommodations services, but should not leave the spire.

Character Creation

  • Game Schedule: Undetermined 18:00-22:00 CST
  • Game Master: KrilionGD
  • Show: Must have seen (whole series) Altered Carbon
  • System: End of the World
  • Character Creation: 14 Point Build (No Voting).
    • No more than two stats at rating 5.
    • Features, these require a name and a complete one line sentence describing exactly what this means to you.
      • Iron Will: "I am able to resist interrogation and torture due many years of meditation and yoga."
      • Features need to be broad enough to be relevant in game play.
      • IE Arachnophobia: "I'm terrified of 7 1egged Pink spiders". The instances with which it could occur are so slight as to not be an actual negative feature.
    • Equipment, detail exactly what your character typically carries on him at any given time (be reasonable).
      • You will get a POI (Point of Interface) device.
      • You will get a External Eye Lens.
      • You may have two pieces of setting specific gear relevant to your character concept; Discuss in detail with your GM for approval.
  • Required Books:
    • Revolt of the Machines (EotW) Core Book
  • Required Apps:
    • Discord & D20PRO
  • Required Equipment:
    • Headset /w Mic