Bright Souls

Shadowrun 5E


Bright Souls

A street level look into an awakened world...

Bright Souls explores the grit of everyday life on the streets. Away from the glitz and glam of the corporate enclaves and glamorous neighborhoods.


Magic is extremely rare in this setting and thus both valued and feared.

Characters can be magically active and even be full magicians, however there are some serious considerations that you need to be aware of up front.

  • Almost all casters are discovered soon after expressing their talant for magic.
    • Most end up serving in one of the organizations associated with magic (Feds, Circle of Light, Infirni, Military, Order of St. Sylvester, various Corporate Enclaves, etc).
    • Awakened individuals who do not want to find themselves bound to such an organization must keep an extremely low profile.
      • Using magic in a public space will certainly draw attention. Most local police or anyone wishing to collect a bounty will most likely inform the feds immediately.
      • Common citizens will react in horror and awe, possibly in a mob mindset towards those discovered to be casters.
  • Awakened creatures exist; again these are rare, highly prized and greatly feared.
  • Magic items are almost unheard of. The mere rumor of an item being present is likely to set off a street level war of every group that wishes to possess it.
  • Brights are initiates who are bound to a magical order. Initiation requires membership in a magic order (group initiation).
    • Rumers imply initiates gain knowledge and use of magical gifts not afforded to the uninitiated.
    • Only Brights can safely handle the most powerful magic items.


Invasive and visible cyberware is shunned and generally viewed with avoidance or revulsion.

Characters can be chrome warriors if they wish; however there are social factors to keep in mind.

  • The reaction of the general public viewing visible cyberware ranges from pity to outright disgust.
  • Most characters who have visible cyberware take great care to conceal it whenever possible.
    • These characters are also rousted by police and security to produce their licenses and permits routinely.
    • Entering secure locations such as courthouses, airports or government buildings may require the character to submit to the temporary deactivation of some or all cyberware. Even high end bars, clubs, resorts and restaurants may have similar restrictions.
  • Using combat cyberware in the commission of any crime aggrivates the penalties and ramifications.

Character Creation

Street Level

  • Game Schedule: Thursdays 18:00-22:00 CST
  • Game Master: KrilionGD
  • System: Shadowrun 5e
  • Character Creation: Priority System
    • Must have seen Bright
    • Street Level Play (p.64).
    • Max pos/neg Qualities: 13 Karma.
    • No magic items at character creation.
    • No Initiation at character creation.
    • Cyberware (Standard & Used only).
    • Chummer 5 character builder.
      • Export character file.
  • Required Books:
    • SR5E Core Book
  • Required Apps:
    • Discord & D20PRO
  • Required Equipment:
    • Headset