Star Trek MACO

Star Trek Adventures

Character Creation

  • Game Schedule: Wednesdays 18:00-22:00 CST
  • Game Master: KrilionGD
  • System: Star Trek Adventures
  • Level:
    • Players use standard build guide (life path p101).
  • Required Books:
    • Star Trek Adventures
  • Required Apps:
    • Discord & D20PRO
  • Required Equipment:
    • Headset


Star Trek MACO

Star Trek MACO is played in the Star Trek universe in the overlap time period of Star Trek Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. The PC will be members of a MACO unit, somewhat akin to a Special Forces unit. The party will take on various roles and tasks, such as HRT (Hostage Rescue), Emergency Response, and other Assistance type missions. You may be sent to teach military tactics to a group of freedom fighters or deliver medical supplies to a plague ridden colony. You might be sent to discover why a colony or ship has gone silent.

U.S.S Anubis

U.S.S Anubis NCC-73026

The party will have a modified heavy shuttle (runabout), it will have sleeping for six (2x3 bunks) as well as a modest amount of storage. It will be outfitted with phasers and a single torpedo launcher. It will also have a small transporter (1 person or equivalent mass) and replicator system.


Starfleet/MACO Rank

It is preferable for players to select a rank of Lieutenant (starfleet) or lower, then convert that to the associated MACO rank. If you wish to be Enlisted, MACOs used the standard rank system for Starfleet enlisted personel. It is also possible to be Warrent Officer (restricted to WO2 or less) or even have Provisional Rank (restricted to Lieutenant or less).

Note: Most Navy SEALs (about 2,000) are enlisted men who hold the rank of E-4 to E-9 (Petty Officer 3rd Class to Master Chief Petty Officer). They are led by roughly 500 SEAL Officers who hold the rank of O-1 to O-10 (Ensign to Admiral Chief of Naval Operations). There are also a few SEAL Warrant Officers (perhaps 30 or so) who rank as officers above the senior-most Enlisted but lower than a Commissioned Officer.